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Revolução Educacional STEM para
estudantes do ensino fundamental.


     A VEX Robotics é uma plataforma de robótica criada por engenheiros da NASA com o propósito de estimular alunos a compreender os elementos científicos desenvolvidos em sala de aula através do conceito de prototipagem e engenharia. 

   A Plataforma da VEX é a base da maior competição STEM do mundo, distribuída em mais de 35 países e utilizada por mais de 500.000 alunos e professores em desafios locais, regionais e nacionais.

  Na VEX, imaginamos um mundo onde cada estudante tem a oportunidade de ser inspirado pela emoção de colocar a mão na massa da aprendizagem, conhecendo a sensação de criar algo com a tecnologia.

   Queremos que pessoas de todas as idades e origens percebam que a resolução criativa de problemas é um caminho para um aprendizado divertido, reconhecendo a importância da educação STEM para moldar os alunos que irão resolver os problemas do amanhã.

A melhor plataforma de robótica educacional do mundo
para estudantes do ensino médio, ensino superior e além.

O que é Educação STEM?


STEM é um acrônimo para ciência, tecnologia, engenharia e matemática. Um currículo baseado na idéia de educar os alunos em quatro disciplinas específicas – (S)CIÊNCIA, TECNOLOGIA, ENGENHARIA e MATEMÁTICA, através de um  abordagem interdisciplinar e aplicada. Ao invés de ensinar as quatro disciplinas como sujeitos separados e discretos, STEM integra-os em um paradigma de aprendizagem coesa baseado no mundo real.

Um modelo de educação, crítico para a preparação de nossos futuros médicos, engenheiros, pesquisadores, cientistas de foguetes, designers, programadores, entre outros. Nos últimos dez anos, A educação STEM se tornou a chave de acesso ao conhecimento integrado e plural, capaz de desenvolver a mente do indivíduo para todo tipo de trabalho.


Estudantes do ensino fundamental formam equipes
e superam desafios de engenharia robótica competindo
em busca da melhor pontuação.

A maior competição de robótica do mundo e a que está crescendo
mais rápido em que estudantes do ensino médio e superior formam
equipes, projetam e batalham com seus robos pela glória máxima.

12th of outubro 2018 05:00 PM Link
Today we want to spotlight 83242A and 76921B, the two teams that make up Team Tunisia. These six girls are inspiring leaders who hope to make a positive change in their community. Best of luck! #MeetTheTeam
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11th of outubro 2018 03:39 PM Link
To invent today's tomorrow. To make a difference. To ensure equal representation. These are just a few of the things that the Girl Powered Pledge encompasses. It's more than a pledge. it's a promise. #DayOfTheGirl
11th of outubro 2018 02:52 PM Link
The final Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy Webinar over transitioning to VEX Coding Studio is starting at 2:30 CST, be sure to tune in!
9th of outubro 2018 05:00 PM Link
At only 12 years old, Rachel Zimmerman invented the Blissymbol printer, which allows those with disabilities to talk, record thoughts, write, and send emails by touching a screen. Today, she works at NASA and hopes to continue to assist those with disabilities. #WomenInSTEM
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5th of outubro 2018 05:00 PM Link
This month, there will be 100+ events all over the globe spreading the message of #GirlPowered Together, with the support of all of you, we strive to encourage equal participation of young women and men in all STEM fields and robotics!
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3rd of outubro 2018 05:00 PM Link
National Techies Day is about celebrating the innovators, programmers, and everyone in between and the achievements that they have made in the world today. Help us celebrate by sharing a #Techie that has inspired you in your life!
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1st of outubro 2018 07:00 PM Link
Make sure to watch the Referee Training series to learn more about the VRC Turning Point & VIQC Next Level, and to prepare to referee official matches. Each chapter will discuss important details about this years' competitions.
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27th of setembro 2018 02:38 PM Link
Have you been keeping up with the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy webinar series on transitioning to VEX Coding Studio? The next session is going live at 2:30 Central, be sure to tune in!
26th of setembro 2018 06:04 PM Link
This goes hand in hand with the old saying, "When you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life." Keep these words in mind as you go down the path to find your greatness. #WednesdayWisdom
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21st of setembro 2018 05:00 PM Link
Meet team 1119, Sweetch, from Mexico! This all-girls team made an appearance at worlds with their cone hairstyles, awesome robot and a long list of awards under their belt, including excellence awards, tournament champions and online challenge wins #MeetTheTeam #GirlPowered @Sweetch1119
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19th of setembro 2018 05:00 PM Link
In need of classroom storage for your VEX materials? Check out the VEX Robotics Utility Rack by @RackSolutions. It is perfect for storing your kits, acts as a great workspace and keeps everything organized! https://www.racksolutions.com/vex-rack.html
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18th of setembro 2018 06:22 PM Link
Dallas area students - come join us for the second annual Girl Powered Flagship Event at Texas Instruments on October 20th! For more information, and to register, please visit www.girlpowered.com/flagship-event!
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14th of setembro 2018 09:40 PM Link
Sammy took a break from #IMTS to see some of Chicago's most iconic landmarks. Have you ever been to Cloud Gate at Millennium Park? #FindSammy #omgrobots
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13th of setembro 2018 03:39 PM Link
Monica is helping pave the way for thousands of students in Colombia! She was nominated for the Titanes Caracol Technology and Connectivity award for her passion and dedication to robotics and her community. Please take a minute to vote for Monica and learn more about her story at https://youtu.be/9s6fSsAkHNM and https://titanes.noticias.caracoltv.com/nominado/monica-sanchez.
10th of setembro 2018 05:00 PM Link
Women worked as “computers” before the first all-electronic digital computer was built to do their complex calculations. Six women, the women of ENIAC, were selected to program it. They had to physically program the computer using switches, cables, and digit trays. #WomenInSTEM
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7th of setembro 2018 05:00 PM Link
Shout out to team 48327M from Wangaratta, Australia. This team won the excellence award at the Australian National Championships and went on to impress us with their sportsmanship and positivity at #VEXWorlds they were even chosen to receive the service award by the teams in their division! Thanks for all you do for the VEX Community! #MeetTheTeam
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6th of setembro 2018 05:09 PM Link
Looking for VEX EDR resources? Visit our new Knowledge Base to get insight on everything from legacy components to the new V5 System! https://help.vex.com/
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4th of setembro 2018 05:19 PM Link
Workshops like the one hosted at Google in August, help to give girls the confidence to pursue STEM fields and allow students to network with others that share the same common interests. To read more about this empowering event visit click the link below. #GirlPowered
31st of agosto 2018 07:25 PM Link
Help us improve our support docs portal by taking this short survey! We'll be picking 10 winners to receive a $25 Amazon gift card on September 17! 🎉

31st of agosto 2018 05:00 PM Link
It's official...V5 System Bundles are shipping! Tag us in your unboxing photo with the hashtag #V5isReal when your kit arrives! #V5 #VEXEDR
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