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Revolução Educacional STEM para
estudantes do ensino fundamental.


     A VEX Robotics é uma plataforma de robótica criada por engenheiros da NASA com o propósito de estimular alunos a compreender os elementos científicos desenvolvidos em sala de aula através do conceito de prototipagem e engenharia. 

   A Plataforma da VEX é a base da maior competição STEM do mundo, distribuída em mais de 35 países e utilizada por mais de 500.000 alunos e professores em desafios locais, regionais e nacionais.

  Na VEX, imaginamos um mundo onde cada estudante tem a oportunidade de ser inspirado pela emoção de colocar a mão na massa da aprendizagem, conhecendo a sensação de criar algo com a tecnologia.

   Queremos que pessoas de todas as idades e origens percebam que a resolução criativa de problemas é um caminho para um aprendizado divertido, reconhecendo a importância da educação STEM para moldar os alunos que irão resolver os problemas do amanhã.

A melhor plataforma de robótica educacional do mundo
para estudantes do ensino médio, ensino superior e além.

O que é Educação STEM?


STEM é um acrônimo para ciência, tecnologia, engenharia e matemática. Um currículo baseado na idéia de educar os alunos em quatro disciplinas específicas – (S)CIÊNCIA, TECNOLOGIA, ENGENHARIA e MATEMÁTICA, através de um  abordagem interdisciplinar e aplicada. Ao invés de ensinar as quatro disciplinas como sujeitos separados e discretos, STEM integra-os em um paradigma de aprendizagem coesa baseado no mundo real.

Um modelo de educação, crítico para a preparação de nossos futuros médicos, engenheiros, pesquisadores, cientistas de foguetes, designers, programadores, entre outros. Nos últimos dez anos, A educação STEM se tornou a chave de acesso ao conhecimento integrado e plural, capaz de desenvolver a mente do indivíduo para todo tipo de trabalho.


Estudantes do ensino fundamental formam equipes
e superam desafios de engenharia robótica competindo
em busca da melhor pontuação.

A maior competição de robótica do mundo e a que está crescendo
mais rápido em que estudantes do ensino médio e superior formam
equipes, projetam e batalham com seus robos pela glória máxima.

16th of março 2018 07:00 PM Link
It's incredible to see the tenacity of the VEX community and the spirit of these students during ups and downs. Nelson Badillo and his team 2235A lost everything after hurricane Maria. They persevered and found their passion for robotics and won the Latin American Championship!
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14th of março 2018 05:00 PM Link
Check out this Spirograph made out of VEX IQ! Did you know the Spirograph was invented by a British engineer named Denys Fisher and sold as a children's toy in 1965? What is the coolest thing you've created? Props to Super User Ken Soukup for this awesome creation! #omgrobots
13th of março 2018 06:51 PM Link
We know that making it to VEX Worlds is extremely difficult. We know it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. If you qualified for worlds, or know of someone who has an incredible story to tell, we want to know about the journey. Please share your story by emailing marketing@vex.com, and we will stop by to learn more sometime during VEX Worlds! Everyone’s road is different, and we want to learn more about yours.
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8th of março 2018 03:44 PM Link
It's amazing to see how Girl Powered has spread globally over the past two years through the lens of so many VEX students!
2nd of março 2018 06:01 PM Link
Whether you built your robot last week or last summer, it's evident that VEX teams have some mad competition skills. Competing at the state level is a huge accomplishment, and we can't wait to see who makes it to #VEXworlds! #VEXRobotics #omgrobots
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28th of fevereiro 2018 08:50 PM Link
Glenn Lee is more than a STEM teacher, he is an inspiration to countless young minds in Waialua, HI and across the world every year through his passion for robotics. Glenn has created an environment where all of his students are set up to succeed, and it shows on and off the competition field! We are extremely proud to have him as a supporter & friend of VEX Robotics.
20th of fevereiro 2018 06:19 PM Link
12th of fevereiro 2018 06:01 PM Link
Sammy is in South Korea for the 2018 #WinterOlympics! Did you know the first event took place in the 8th century B.C.? How long do you think it will be before competitive robotics becomes an Olympic event? #FindSammy
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7th of fevereiro 2018 07:35 PM Link
It takes the support of a community to cause a movement within our society to better the world we live in for future generations. You just have to see the missing pieces in order to see the bigger picture. Read more about the #GirlPowered movement at
1st of fevereiro 2018 07:04 PM Link
The latest blog from Robomatter, Inc. does a great job at explaining how the dynamics between teachers and students can be give and take, and how as an educator you can often find yourself learning from your students.
26th of janeiro 2018 10:10 PM Link
Our customers never cease to amaze us. We enjoyed speaking with everyone that stopped by our booth at FETC about how we can meet your needs in the classroom when it comes to STEM education. One of the most inspirational stories we heard was from someone who's daughter started this inspirational YouTube channel where she shows you how to build and have fun with VEX IQ. She is in 4th grade, and is using this as a way to help get more girls into the VEX IQ program!
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23rd of janeiro 2018 06:06 PM Link
#CES2018 was full of revolutionary tech that will change the way we live our everyday lives. We had the pleasure of launching our modern education solution, the V5 Control System. Check out www.vexrobotics.com/v5 for more information. #vexV5 #omgrobots
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17th of janeiro 2018 05:00 PM Link
Happy Kid Inventors' Day! Did you know popsicles, braille, and earmuffs were all invented by kids? Celebrate by creating something of your own! #KidInventorsDay #GirlPowered
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16th of janeiro 2018 05:15 PM Link
This robot sure knows how to draw our attention! Check out the VEX IQ Cycloid Drawing Machine built and designed by Ken Soukup.
15th of janeiro 2018 08:40 PM Link
Wise words from Martin Luther King Jr. #MLKDay #omgrobots #MotivationMonday
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8th of janeiro 2018 09:11 PM Link
We're excited to officially unveil the new VEX EDR V5 system this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Be sure to check out our social channels for behind the scenes reporting throughout the week! #CES2018
5th of janeiro 2018 06:00 PM Link
For today's #MeetTheTeam we are spotlighting team 6105C for their recent 1st place ranking in the skills competition for the state of Florida! #omgrobots
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4th of janeiro 2018 07:59 PM Link
Are you involved in competition robotics? Take the #GirlPowered Pledge to show your commitment to cultivating a diverse team culture, giving all students equal opportunities, and encouraging all students to try out different roles that push their comfort levels.
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3rd of janeiro 2018 06:00 PM Link
VEX Robotics is headed to CES in Las Vegas next week! If you're attending be sure to come check out some of the exciting new products coming to you in 2018 at booth 43761! #CES2018
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2nd of janeiro 2018 06:00 PM Link
If you have a magnetic beam pair, you can take your Sammy to new heights! #TipTuesday #omgrobots
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